If Computers Would Feel For Us

If Computers Would Feel For Us

Now that Christmas is right around the corner, we at MOVAMIN would like to cast some light on the empathetic side of life. That’s why we all agreed on giving feelings the stage this time. 

But first something important before we take off: always save yourself first, then go on and save others! 

With love, from our home offices!

Feeling All The Feels 

I’m at the desk, been here for too long. All week I’ve been working overtime. Meeting deadlines, finishing stuff that never seems to get finished. It’s really taking a toll on my back, my shoulders, my legs are cold, I’m stressed, I’m feeling dry, and I haven’t connected personally with a person for a long while. I’m not feeling like myself, urgh!

An App That Knows Feelings 

I’m working from home and it seems that all my communication throughout the day is to and from my computer. I type, I send emails, I call, I video call, I type, I click. Feeling distorted in all these virtual meetings, not sure if I’m a robot or an actual person. 

What if there was an app that would simply know the feeling and was designed to support me throughout this kind of workday?

An App That Connects To Your Rhythm

We at MOVAMIN know desk work, we understand, we emphasize. We are passionate about work life balance and happiness, and we certainly vote for purpose above profit. Psst…! It’s because the prior enhances the latter. And if I’m driven by a purpose, I’m certainly gonna have to feel good while at it!

The MOVAMIN desktop application moves with your work schedule, your personal settings according to your daily routine, actions, and preferences. Private to you and partly visible to your manager that might want to know you’re well and productive at work!

Practical Like Vitamins

Both a digital therapist and a coach for your workers, Movamin gives you an insight into productivity and wellbeing in your company. It’s practical, innovative, and a spot on solution for the home-office and in-office’s physical, mental, and social environment! 

Ready for a gratitude exercise?
Think of something in your job that you are grateful for.
With hands on heart, eyes closed, on a deep inbreath say in your mind “I am thankful for …” and on a relaxed outbreath, say “in my job”. Repeat three times!
Wonderful! Now, keep up the good work – positivity on top! 

Our Vision and Background

From all over the world the MOVAMIN team teamed up and united through technology. We are professionals of therapy, programming, design, and business. We are living the new normal changes, curious and conscious, determined to use our potential and inventiveness for good. Bringing the focus back to center, where physical, mental, and social health integrate, we know that the individual, the community, and the company will all profit. Taken together; office work will be more pleasant and healthy! 

That being said, be healthy and try to find happiness in the novelty of 2020! And let’s move together into the New Year…!!