Working from home and well-being

Working from home and well-being

What’s Your Corporate Culture’s Wave Like?

To live and keep clothes on one’s back requires work. Throughout adult life we need to work to provide for ourselves and our families and for the most part of our adult years we spend nearly half of waking time attending work in one form or another. Finding work life balance may become a challenge in everyone’s life at one time or another. At work we face challenges, find solutions to things, reach milestones in teams, and grow personally in our profession. Work is a precious part of life, with value both tangible and intangible for every employee. At both work and home we live and let our principles guide us, principles that we set with our families or loved ones or principles that govern our companies and workplaces. The culture at work, the system that holds the organizations’ shared beliefs and values, colours its employees’ life at home and vice versa. According to latest findings, organizations with a strong corporate culture have endured better the Covid-19 pandemic than those with a less strong culture. They are more community engaged, are more likely to adopt digital technology and overall run the business better. Corporate culture is also known to influence employees’ productivity, creativity, motivation, health and well-being. It makes one think of the power involved in principles and committing to them, the wavelike effect on the business and its people and their lives. Worth to consider when running a company.

Crisis at Work, Crisis at Home = Burnout

Organization’s greatest value lies in its people. In the corporate world, those may be jobs like office managers, data entry clerks, computer scientists, administrative assistants, office clerks, and business partners to give an image. Diligent and ambitious as they may be, suit workers like other people get tired, get back-, head-, and shoulder aches, get stressed out, lonely, pessimistic, and find themselves trapped in burnout ever so more nowadays. Burnout being defined in ICD-11 as being drained of energy and exhausted, being pessimistic and negative about work while mentally distanced from it, and generally less efficient professionally because of unattended chronic work stress. Theories suggest that “role-overload” and “spillover” from work to home and vice versa are the active factors of stress that may lead to those heaps of stress and burnout. In this madness people feel as if they have no control over their careers, the part of life which they devote up to half of their time on earth to. Taking a look at health at the workplace and the need for centering and occupational health awareness is therefore ideal for any staff manager or human resources manager during the current times of frequent home office with related family and work overlap, and global health and financial crisis.

Run a Healthy Workplace for Ethics’ Sake

As work life and life after work in society are intertwined, the way we approach health in these areas of life is also a web of interrelations. It is of great societal responsibility when workplaces establish and implement health policies for the benefits of their employees, extending even to the employees’ families and extended social groups. As WHO defines a healthy workplace, it is a place where workers and managers together join forces on improving and promoting the workplace‘s occupational health, well-being, and social sustainability building on: “”

  • health and safety concerns in the physical work environment;
  • health, safety and well-being concerns in the psychosocial work environment including organization of work and workplace culture;
  • personal health resources in the workplace; and
  • ways of participating in the community to improve the health of workers, their families and other members of the community. 

It is therefore nothing but ethical to run a company, not only with good cause and economic profit in mind, but also with the human elements that contribute to each and every worker’s happiness. We all strive half of our waking time to keep the clothes on our back, after all. 

Promoting Health, Promoting Productivity

Promoting health at the workplace sets off a snowball effect resulting in improved health of the employee measured in aspects such as cooling down stress, enhancing self-esteem, enhancing experienced well-being, making the morale better, and letting people feel more satisfied with their job. In turn, proactivity of the workers in the health actions benefits the whole organization by improving staff morale, reducing absenteeism, lowering health care or insurance costs, and importantly increasing productivity. Even the spring of presenteeism is mostly poor health – physical, mental, and/or social –  so promoting integrated health at the workplace is a strong move when boosting productivity is one of the missions. 

Unleash Intuition

Stress, conflicts, deadlines, complex tasks, and other casual labour at work affects our minds and cognition. Being mindful and fostering readiness to see many solutions or any solution that may work, instead of fixating on one ultimate solution can ease tasks and make things run more smoothly. Being mindful and self-aware at work can thus as well foster emotional awareness resulting in better performance, better coping strategies, and more accessibility to intuition. 

Spread Some Love

Loneliness is a threat to social health and has been informally described as an epidemic on its own in recent times even before the onset of Covid-19. With the Coronavirus demanding lockdown in societies all around the world, social distancing orders, and governments recommending the least possible social gatherings, loneliness has inflated and increasing remote work has certainly changed the landscape at workplaces. People engage less on average in good quality communication, yet everyone is trying their best with the novel reality of frequent video meetings and conferences.  

People try their best at work for several reasons. For most people career, community, and cause are the main driving factors. People enjoy working where their strengths can shine, where they feel recognized and respected, where they can implement and enhance  their communication skills, and where they sense their job makes an impact

Being able to unite with colleagues by engaging in good quality communication, perhaps fun and creative communication, with a group or team at work that shares values, resources, and talents is beyond price. Socializing and solving problems with likeminded people reinforces a sense of being at the right time, at the right place; a sense of belonging. 

Respect Your Body

And then there is the physical presence at work. Any work environment comes with certain movement patterns that are necessary to do the job and in corporate office work settings this is often manifested most primarily in awkward or troublesome postures at the desk for long hours with rare breaks, leaning forward to a screen with neck and back and groins suffering longtime. This disrespect takes a toll on the body’s posture and the following consequences are history.

Intertwine Techno Empathy With Your Wellness Actions

Work overload often contributes to health related absenteeism by impairing performance, leading to errors and mishaps, resulting in injuries or problems of physical or psychosocial health – mental, physical, and/or social. The whole human existence, whether looked at from the perspective of the body, the perspective of the soul, or the perspective of the community, is all together morphed into the same system. Body, soul or mind, and community, are so intertwined that sometimes solving a back problem can fix a marriage or lead to the next discovery at work.

With changing times globally and in the whole economy, with safety hygiene protocols and working from home being a necessity and unavoidable action in most corporations – even some switching permanently to remote work – health promotion actions must indisputably adapt too. Technology steering the wave in the storm of health threats.

MOVAMIN makes a move in the changing times by offering an empathic digital health promoting solution, using Calm technology and therapeutic expertise. At times when technology dependency is skyrocketing globally and usage thereof developing in essence at the speed of light, we at Movamin strive to boost your company’s wellness at home and at the office with an integrated digital solution for a healthier work routine. 

Author: Anna Dúa Kristjánsdóttir

Content creator, MA Dance Movement Therapist, BSc Psychology